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Indranil Roy
Published on 28-01-2022

An organization must develop, organize, and strategize various operational procedures in order to ensure that it runs smoothly. There are various essential operational procedures that require more focus and patience.

While doing such tasks, you don’t want to face technical issues, which can result in a distraction or even permanent data loss (Alam, 2021). Having a high-end IT service allows you to smoothen the operational procedures and increase efficiency and quality significantly.

IT support plays several major roles in developing a business, especially through its carefully engineered systems, you will be able to execute internal functions and business services. The following enumerates scenarios that prove that IT is aligned with the operational procedures of a growing business.

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No more Complex Problems

An IT support team is comprised of technical experts and professionals who provide IT Solutions to the company. So, they provide tools and software that helps employees to work faster and deliver magnificent result. The tools and equipment provided by IT include an improved set of hardware that includes faster processors, high memory storage, and high-quality displays (Epp and Perfetti et al., 2020).

The IT support professionals continuously strive to improve the overall system and security of the firm. This involves implementing, delivering, and managing various updated technical procedures to meet the needs of the organization.

Effective Data-handling

A business must handle various data surrounding salary, income, HR details, and data of employees. These infographics need to be secured as it contains various personal information that cannot be disclosed to third parties.

A comprehensive IT Infrastructure support guarantees a seamless data management procedure that not only secures all the data but also manages it in such a way that increases the efficiency of data transfers within the company. An IT team also protects your valuable data from breach attempts and takes measures to prevent data loss in case of a leakage.

Say NO to Viruses and Malware

Viruses and Malwares can turn out to be a critical issue for your system, and you may face data losses and compensations due to this reason. One of the most important roles of IT is to provide every system within the organization with anti-virus packages that protect your system from malicious junk files and viruses that can enter through the internet.

Improved Decision-Making process

To spread your brand awareness across a wider expansion, you need to strategize a suitable marketing plan and execute it into action. Therefore, you require solid market research, and reviewing public comments on social media will allow you to gain several infographics about the demands of customers or the trends they prefer.

Furthermore, the IT support team can provide them assistance by providing essential marketing tools such as building a website, Microsoft CRM Dynamics, and Google Analytics that allow you to track your progress and development. Furthermore, your IT team training cost is reduced as the IT professionals can easily provide training to beginners free of cost. 

In the modern generation, the scope of IT has further deviated towards educational institutes. With Student Management Systems being implemented all around the globe, people are being drawn towards the wonders that IT and Infrastructure can make. Student Information System allows an institute to register students in courses, document grading, and other co-curricular activities (Rustamov, 2019).

While IT Management systems (also known as ITMS) are making a boom across the industrial sphere, private sectors are making rapid efforts to upgrade their tech-hubs to receive more productivity, efficiency, and security.

From communication technology to computer information systems, the flux of technological development is everywhere, and it depends on you; whether you want to stay behind or jump into the future!

So, what would be your opinion on the importance of IT-Solutions for any Business Operation? Feel free to share in the comment box below.

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Areas of Expertise include:



Director Consulting
A highly organized, detail oriented and dependable professional who has the ability to apply his accounting knowledge and experience to a diverse range of financial aspects. Hard working, dedicated and ambitious possessing strong knowledge of Accounting concepts. Confident and capable of playing a strategic role in any business.

Areas of Expertise include:



Staff Accountant
Debdatta worked with Genpact India handling process work of General Electric for the last ten years in operational development. Coordination between inventory, finance, sales and purchase. She has also been working towards cash and Bank reconciliation for Power and Water wing for General electric. Countries she worked with are United States, Laps, eastern and western Europe and some parts of Russia.

Areas of Expertise include:



Assistant Controller

Avijit Dey is a commerce graduate by profession, he is associated with EPR Yellowknife since 2018. Prior to that he has 5 years’ experience in the field of Accounting and Taxation. During his tenure, he has hands-on approach knowledge and expertise in various Accounting Software- Sage 50 and QuickBooks as well as knowledge Accounting Finalization Software- CaseWare and Keystone.

Areas of Expertise include:


Group Controller

With a master degree in Commerce (Accountancy) from Calcutta University and also 19+ years of post-qualification experience, Paulami believes in approaching professional commitments with utmost sincerity and dedication to ensure optimum and qualitative results.

Areas of Expertise include:



Manager Consulting

Surajit Batabyal is a commerce graduate with experience in Indian Accounting works and related fields for over decade. He is associated with EPR since 2018. During his tenure he is experienced in Admin related activities, internal accounting works, work in CCH implementation and application in respective fields.

Areas of Expertise include:



Admin Assistant

An Engineer in Computer Science, he is an advanced level Web Page, UI Designer/ Front End Developer, with specialization in creating web designs for responsive websites, with expertise in front end development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), backlink building, and email marketing.

Areas of Expertise include:



Software Engineer

Visual communication professional with almost a decade’s experience of developing visual identity for various clients from around the world, Peter R Gomes started early as a designer for his college. From there he went on to win the India Fest that helped him stabilise his craft as a creative professional.

Whilst working with Major National and international brands, developing their visual identity and visual marketing strategy, he has also been teaching Communication Design to students from all around world. Has been a guest faculty with major design institutes, worked with various agencies and is responsible for the visual identity for many corporate firms, non-profit organisations and government agencies as well. He has made valuable contribution in the visual marketing sector and the design education sector that has travelled beyond borders.

Areas of Expertise include:


Emmanuel Vishal Rozario

Manager, Creative Services

After completing his education in Computer Science, he embarked on his career in 2002, as an Information Technology professional. His varied and vast experiences of working on evolving technologies make him a thorough professional with hands-on expertise in addressing even the minutest change that makes a huge impact in the domain.

With in-depth knowledge of MCSA-Server, MCSA-Messaging, CCNA, he is currently pursuing an advanced course in Digital Marketing to stay relevant with the changing demands in the field.

Areas of Expertise include:



Director IT Infrastructure

As a long-term Northerner (since 2001), Biswanath possesses over 26 years of combined national and international experience in working with various SMEs, Indigenous organizations, First Nation Bands, Community Governments, and Territorial Governments. Biswanath has recently been appointed as the Financial and Strategic Advisor for Dene Nation. Biswanath has direct working experience with various departments and agencies of the Government of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. He served the Nunavut Housing Corporation for three years and participated as a member with the Interdepartmental Capital Planning Committee (ICPC) of the Government of Nunavut. He has served as the Director for Business Development for the Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation for a few years and worked with various manufacturers and businesses of various communities across the territory.

Biswanath currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of CPA Association of NWT/Nunavut. He also serves as the Chair Person of the Practice Review Committee of the CPA Association of Northwest Territories/Nunavut.

Areas of Expertise include:





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Alumni of St. Xavier’s College, and he has done his Masters in International Business and Management from Sheffield Hallam University. After completing his education, his stint with Connectiva Systems Inc. as a Branding and Marketing Communication professional gave him the exposure and understanding of representing the brand in international markets at various conferences and tradeshows held worldwide.

His passion to learn and adapt to new ideas couple with his commendable ability to handle challenging projects makes him a true professional, who can seamlessly work with multi-dimensional teams across multiple functions. He has a hands-on approach to logistically challenging tasks; ideally suitable for roles that involve organizing and managing events, marketing, and promotional activities. He is well networked with individuals from a broad range of professional backgrounds.

Areas of Expertise include:



Management Consulting Advisor

A dynamic accounting professional with more than a decade of experience in various organizations including multinational Firms (Big Four Firms). He is a Chartered Accountant having exposure in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Corporate management. He is expert in Accounting, Business Plan preparation and Setting up of new business process, etc.

He is an Independent leader to execute any Policy adopted by Top management. He has expert knowledge in service delivery model and its successful implementation.

Areas of Expertise include:


Director Operations